MAIN ENTRY:                                         Deahl, Robert

DATE OF INTERVIEW:                            June 16, 2000

LOCATION OF INTERVIEW:                   Lubbock, Texas

INTERVIEWER:                                          Leslie Dutton

NUMBER OF REELS/TAPES:                    1

TAPE FORMAT:                                        Cassette

LENGTH OF INTERVIEW:                       55 minutes

SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE:               Robert Deahl talks about his first music lessons, his musical training and education, his musical career in the military, and his time teaching music in Austria.

ABSTRACT:                                                Musical education and career of Robert Deahl

TAPE ONE             SIDE ONE


First music lessons

            Why he choose the trombone

High school music teacher’s background

Other instruments studied

Conducting experience during high school

Experience playing in a band for the J&L Steel Company picnic

            50-100 steel workers standing around singing opera with the band

Applying to colleges – 1945

Conservatory life

            Some students felt left out of campus life

            Robert’s involvement in campus life

College degrees earned from Overland Conservatory and College

            Requirements for the degrees and courses taken

Comparison between preparation for sports event and a musical event

            Physical memory involved in music preparation

            Mental preparation

Military career

            Story about taking aptitude tests when entering the Air Force

            Joining the Sampson Airs

            Teaching at the Air Force band school

Air Force band overseas concerts

            Travel opportunities

            Music selections chosen according to the country in which it was performed

            Concerts used to establish goodwill toward America

            Concerts being broadcast over radio

Returning to school for a music education degree after his discharge from the Air Force

TAPE ONE             SIDE TWO


Working as a music teacher

Coming to work at Texas Tech – 1958

            Reason for selecting Texas Tech

            One year contract

Returning to Overland Conservatory to teach

Living and working in Austria

            Fairy tale environment

            Size of classes

            Music theory classes

            Skiing during his lunch break

            Scenic beauty and cultural scene

            Student concert tours

            Quality of education


            Exchange of students between Austria and Overton

            Description of practice organs

            Movement of instruments across international boarders

The Sound of Music filming in Austria

RANGE DATES:                                   1940 - 1969

BULK DATES:                                       1945 - 1969

AGE OF INFORMANT:                        71

GENDER OF INFORMANT:                 Male