Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Williams, Ira
DATE OF INTERVIEW: May 15 and 25, 1973
INTERVIEWER: Jeff Townsend
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour, 40 minutes
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Dr. Ira Williams, a professor of agriculture at Texas Tech, discusses his career, the gin engineering program instituted at Tech, cotton farming practices, and problems in both.
TAPE ONE, SIDE ONE: Gives background
Born : 1908 in Dallas
Agriculture studied at Texas Tech (1926)
Experiences in Texas Panhandle told
Received additional schooling at Texas A & M
Comments on Agriculture Adjustment Acts
Employed by Soil Conservation Service
Tells of problems with terraces
Taught at Louisiana State University
Position in North Carolina taken
Talks about tenant farming
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO Came to Texas Tech to teach
Committees served on listed
Agricultural developments discussed
Talks about feed lots
Research funding recalled
Describes new cotton processes
Development in agriculture department traced

Remembers outstanding students
Research activities revealed

TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Cotton gin engineering program instituted at Texas Tech (1957)
Talks about J. R. Jones
Content of course has changed
Ginning lab is at the experiment station
Further discusses Mr. Jones and the burr extractor
Explains Mr. Jones’ reasons for leaving Texas Tech
Continues discussion of ginning lab
Comments on ginning engineers’ salaries and duties
Gin engineering program offered little to the student
Aircraft crop dusting and spraying is an "improper use of grassland"
Mentions theory on mesquite trees
Rainmaking discussed
Describes Texas sweep, sandfighter and Farmall
Lists committees he’s been on
TAPE TWO, SIDE TWO: Made a study on Texas Tech irrigation wells
Dr. Thomas’ opinions on gin engineering program
Discusses experience with Dean W. L. Stangel
Comments on other agriculture administrators
RANGE DATES: 1908-1973
BULK DATES: 1926-1973