Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Underwood, R. S.
DATE OF INTERVIEW: June 19, 1973
INTERVIEWER: Jeff Townsend
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour, 20 minutes
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Dr. Underwood, longtime professor of math at Texas Tech, comments on the growth and development of his department and the University as a whole. He also talks about his publications.
TAPE ONE, SIDE ONE: Gives background
Born in Minnesota (1891)
Did undergraduate work at University of Minnesota
Comments on parents
Astronomy discussed
Talks about new approaches in astronomy
Discusses his article in Scientific Monthly, "Are We
Alone in the Universe ?"
Tells about 100-inch telescope
Wrote articles for newspaper
Mathematics degree requirements described
Lists teaching experiences
Extended analytical geometry developed
World’s Who’s Who in Science lists his name
Chose to teach at Texas Tech
Specialization of mathematics noted
Astronomy taught
Astrology explained
Impressions of Texas Tech given
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO Discusses Texas Tech
Administrations compared
Comments on incident involving Dr. J. C. Granbery
Appropriations in math department recalled
Recounts Clifford B. Jones controversy
World War II effects felt
Describes differences in presidents of the university
Growth of Texas Tech noted
Remembers social life of students
Own home described
Recalls changes in math department
Former Texas Tech students compared to those of today
Math department classified as service department
Split in faculty traced
Publishes science fiction
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Continues discussion of his science fiction writings
Other publications mentioned
Tells about textbooks he has written
Speculates on developments in astronomy
RANGE DATES: 1891-1973
BULK DATES: c. 1930-1973