Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Rainey, Sue Ava
DATE OF INTERVIEW: March 15, 1973
INTERVIEWER: Jeff Townsend
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour, 10 minutes
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Sue Ava Rainey recalls her 24 years as a physical education instructor at Texas Tech and discusses Tech’s growth during this time. Miss Rainey was also a sponsor of the women’s honorary, Mortar Board.
TAPE ONE, SIDE ONE: Education summarized
Various college courses taken during summers listed
Stresses importance of retaining femininity in girls’ athletics
Early teaching career discussed
Trinity University job recalled
University Junior High in Austin
Traces events which led her to take a position at Texas Tech
Early days at Texas Tech
Served as acting head of the Women’s Physical
Education Department
Difficulty finding a place to live
Mother was housemother at West Hall 3 months
Dr. William Whyburn mentioned
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO Texas Tech history examined
Men’s P. E. Department not established when Tech
Cites benefits to be gained from physical education
Coming of Mortar Board to the campus
Remembers Wednesday night dances in the barn
Once asked two boys to leave
Square dance schools held annually
Dormitory building on campus
Change in student wishes
Dr. Dossie M. Wiggins’ administration characterized
Dr. E. N. Jones recalled
J. Evetts Haley discussed
Explains political situation at Tech in 1945
Firing of the three professors seen as unjust
State opinion of tenure policy
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Texas Tech history (continued)
Playdays recalled
Posture examinations formerly given in Women’s P.
E. Department
Notes importance of adapting physical education to
students’ needs
Lists criteria for membership in Forum (later Mortar
Housing around Tech in 1945 described
Paintings in Miss Rainey’s home discussed
RANGE DATES: 1940-1973
BULK DATES: 1940-1973