Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Oden, William E.
DATE OF INTERVIEW: June 2, 1969; November 6, 1975
INTERVIEWER: Roy Sylvan Dunn, Joanna Shurbet
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 2 hours (total)
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Dr. William Oden discusses and evaluates his experiences and relates activities in the Texas Senate during the Texas Tech name change controversy of 1969.
TAPE ONE, SIDE ONE: Senator Mike McKool (Dallas)
Appearance before the Texas Senate as Committee of
Motions name be Texas State University
Speakers supporting TSU
Russell Bean
Dr. William Oden
Kathy Obrioni
Senator Hightower proposes Texas Technological College and State University
Senator Barbara Jordan proposes University of the Southwest
Reaction in the Senate
Reasons for the failure of Texas State University
Senators support authority of the Board
Support of Senators from the area involved
Name change not a local issue
Incident Friday night between Dr. Kline Nall and Senator Bates, involving Doc Blanchard
Doc Blanchard reads statement—Point of Privilege
Speculation—how will Board react
Temperment of U. S.
Visit to Senator from Vernon
List of those who backed Texas Tech University
McKool’s role in the issue
Doc Blanchard’s attitude
Reaction upon return to Tech campus
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO Incident between Bates and Oden concerning Kline Nall
Elmer Tarbox
Signing of Medical School Bill
Stand of Administration in name change
State Affairs Committee hearing
Speakers: David Casey, Manuel DeBusk
Engineering of the issue
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Support of Texas State University
Texas A & M’s relinquishment to rights to name
Other names proposed
Support for Double T
Split of Texas Tech ex-students
Manuel DeBusk’s opinion
Establishment of joint name change committee
Appointment of Grover Murray as President
Removed American Association of University
Professors’ censure
Remained neutral in name change controversy
Possible reasons
Faculty support for Texas State University
Emotional factors in name change controversy
Senate actions
Board of Regents’ opinions
Political motives
Preston Smith
Ben Barnes
Sharpstown scandal
Move not power play on part of students and faculty
Necessity for "respectable offense"
Drawbacks of Texas Tech
Immediate future of name change
TAPE TWO, SIDE TWO: Distant future of name change
Lessening importance of name
Aid of several programs within Texas Tech
RANGE DATES: 1969-1975
BULK DATES: 1969-1975