Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Murdough, James H.
DATE OF INTERVIEW: December 22, 1971; April 8, 1973
INTERVIEWER: Alice Johnson, Jeff Townsend
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: Tape 1: James H. Murdough, retired civil engineering professor at Texas Tech, recalls his work with the Lubbock zoning commission in the 1940s and 1950s and expresses his attitude toward Lubbock zoning. Tapes 2 and 3: Murdough recalls his 35-year association with Tech as Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering and outlines his theory of education.
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: 2 hours, 10 minutes
TAPE ONE, SIDE ONE: States reasons behind initial zoning
Description of Lubbock in 1925
Spent early life in Boston
Objectives behind zoning listed
City leaders characterized and business ethics verbalized
Automobile trips from Lubbock to Boston in 1920s recalled
Expresses attitude toward moving to Lubbock from Boston
Discusses zoning commission and planning commission, 1930s and 1940s
Looking for oral history sources
Names sources of opposition to zoning
Work on zoning subcommittee outlined
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO Controversy arose over G. H. Koch’s work
Patterns of growth traced
Annexed developed areas outside city limits
Dr. M. C. Overton recalled
Classification of annexed areas
Anecdotes about public efforts to influence zoning
Explains controversy concerning 34th Street planning
Speculation on downtown deterioration
Attitude given toward membership of later zoning commissions
Describes decision-making process and mistakes in city planning
The "servants’ quarters" problem
Cites enforcement problems in zoning
Case against Lubbock recalled
Houston’s zoning peculiarities mentioned
Various techniques and philosophy and objectives of zoning

States attitude toward zoning of liquor sales

TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Biographical information given
Reviews parents’ backgrounds
Memories of Boston
Came to Lubbock in 1925
Joined the Physics Department at Texas Tech
Also taught civil engineering
Was Chairman of Civil Engineering Department (1927-1962)
Explains early difficulty finding faculty
Outlines circumstances leading to his coming to Tech
Trips back East described
Texas Tech (continued)
Opinion of Dr. Paul Horn related
States attitude toward the name change issue
TAPE TWO, SIDE TWO: Texas Tech (continued)
Discusses types of students attending Tech
Personal education described
Parents’ education reviewed
Texas Tech (again)
Greek fraternities were first barred from campus
Recollections of Amon G. Carter
Holds high opinion of Clifford B. Jones
Reminisces about work during the Depression
Associated with PWA
Recollections of Miss Craddock’s social center
Tech presidents recalled
J. Evetts Haley discussed
Growth of the Civil Engineering Department
Explains committee work at Texas Tech
TAPE THREE, SIDE ONE: Career at Texas Tech recalled
Lists committees on which he served
Discipline inherent in technical training
States opinion of the course education is taking today
Cites difference between privileges and rights
Teachers should control classroom
RANGE DATES: 1925-1973
BULK DATES: 1925-1962