Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Mecham, Dr. George
DATE OF INTERVIEW: March 3 and 19, 1973
INTERVIEWER: Jeff Townsend
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour, 30 minutes
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Dr. Mecham discusses his long career in education, including his work in teacher training, his establishment and growth of the Mecham School for pre-school children, and his association with Texas Tech.
TAPE ONE, SIDE ONE: First taught at Tech in 1943
Many soldiers on campus
Returned to teaching at Tech in 1951
Biographical information given
Education summarized
Discusses early teaching career
Established Mecham School for pre-school children in 1951
Growth of the school described
Uses young mothers as bus drivers
More information on early career
Field service program in Lubbock discussed
Association with the Corpus Christi school district
six years
Reveals more information on Mecham School
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Reading program for first graders explained
Sold it to area school districts
Teacher training program in Corpus Christi discussed
Gives reasons why he left after six years
First teaching job in Johnson County recalled
Explains changes in the requirements for teacher certification
TAPE TWO, SIDE TWO: Requirements of teacher education (continued)
Describes circumstances leading to his joining the Corsicana school system
Mecham School discussed
Mentions zoning problems encountered
Cites property improvements made
Insurance and tax costs
Recollections of the firing of three Tech professors by the Board of Directors
Dr. Per Stensland’s adult education program
Importance of Tech’s admission to the Southwest Conference noted
Expresses opinion of Tech’s name-change controversy
RANGE DATES: 1943-1973
BULK DATES: 1943-1969