Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Janeway, Ray C.
DATE OF INTERVIEW: February 25 and March 5, 1975
INTERVIEWER: Marshall L. Pennington
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Dr. Ray Janeway, Dean of Library Services at Texas Tech, explores various functions and operational aspects of the Tech Library and the new addition to that library.
TAPE ONE, SIDE ONE: Autobiographical data
Parents named
Travel with father
Father’s life described
Tent show script collection
Attended University of Kansas
Became Assistant Director of Libraries at the University of Kansas (1946)
Came to work at Texas Tech as Librarian (1949)
Impressed by Dr. Dossie M. Wiggins
State of the library at Tech (1949)
Elizabeth Howard West, Augustine Gaylord and Emma Main mentioned
Activities and accomplishments of Miss West
Books in library (1949)
Difference between college library and university library
Suggests that Miss Main be interviewed
Philosophy toward library discussed
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO Relationship between library and university
Significance of Miss West instituting Library of Congress system
Dr. William B. Gates cited as example of good library user
Dr. Richard Studhalter’s use of the library
Observation of students in old library helped make student use of new library more efficient
Discussion of personnel efficiency
Contrast between Dewey and Library of Congress classification systems
Advice on changing from one system to another
Advantages of Library of Congress system
Faults of Library of Congress
Participation in Ohio College Library Center
Problems of title and authority with preceding librarians
Became Dean of Library Services (1972)
Responsibilities listed
Departmental book collections discussed
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Discussion of Department of Architecture’s library (continued)

Reason for maintenance of separate law and medical libraries
Importance of knowing what transpires at Dean’s Council meetings
Acquisition of collection of Selig Heller, a Jewish poet
Other interesting collections held by Texas Tech
Comparison of Tech library expenditures to other university libraries
Some librarians blame State Board of Control for local apathy
Dr. Harry Ransom discussed in relation to University of Texas Library
Story of University of Texas, Permian Basin Library book drive
Development of Texas Tech School of Law

TAPE TWO, SIDE TWO: Law School library usurped some of central library funds
Feels that Law School is a marked success
Opinion expressed about Texas Tech School of Medicine
Arrogance toward rest of Tech community
Reason for high turnover in Tech law and medical school facilities
Doctors need to keep abreast of current developments
TAPE THREE, SIDE ONE: Disadvantages of departmental libraries
First Texas Tech library

Decision to build current library building
Changing student use of the library
Development of Tech as seen in library
Growth rate of library
Tech is fourth in state appropriations for the library
Library is designed on supermarket principles
Using library is a learning process
Students are cooperative in security
Hours of library operation
Design of current library
Controversy of library exterior

TAPE THREE, SIDE TWO: Solar screens discussed
Success of library building
Early resentment of Croslin Room
Now realizes its importance
Use of Croslin Room
New library addition discussed
Computerization of libraries
Holdings of library
Methods of counting volumes
Use of microfilm
Became selective depository (1933)
Expanded selection (1951)
Became regional depository (1963)
Explanation of reserve room
Reasons for decrease in undergraduate use of the library
Change since cessation of draft
Rare book collection
RANGE DATES: 1933-1975
BULK DATES: 1949-1975