Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Heineman, Richard
DATE OF INTERVIEW: September 17 and November 16, 1973
INTERVIEWER: Jeff Townsend
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 2 hours, 25 minutes
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Dr. Richard Heineman, math professor at Texas Tech for over 40 years, reviews his career and major developments at that university.
TAPE ONE, SIDE ONE: Gives his background
Born in Wisconsin
Attended University of Wisconsin
Instructorship at Michigan State College was first college teaching job
Began as instructor at Texas Tech (1929)
Description of travel from Wisconsin to Lubbock
Describes students’ preparation in math at Tech
Administrations at Texas Tech discussed
Comments on changes at Texas Tech (1930s)
Social life on campus noted
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO Social life on campus (continued)
World War II and military students recalled
Remembers role of dormitories in Tech’s development
Marriage and married life recounted
Notices growth around Texas Tech campus
Publications listed
Remarks about value of professional education courses
Emphasis upon publication explained
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Elected member of Governors of Mathematical Association of America (1953)
Discusses his term as President of Knife and Fork Club
Efforts to obtain chapters of national honorary societies at Texas Tech
Lists speakers of Knife and Fork Club
Committee membership at Texas Tech remembered
Was chairman of Traffic Committee
Twice elected to Faculty Advisory Council
Comments on Teacher Education Council
TAPE TWO, SIDE TWO: Continues discussion of Teacher Education Council
Opposition to professional education courses explained
He and Mrs. Heineman give details about their children
TAPE THREE, SIDE ONE: Discusses grading system at Michigan State University
Retirement policy at Texas Tech described
RANGE DATES: 1920s-1973
BULK DATES: 1929-1973