Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Durham, Kathryn S.
DATE OF INTERVIEW: February 26, 1975
INTERVIEWER: Marshall L. Pennington
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour, 45 minutes
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Mrs. Kathryn S. Durham, Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Texas Tech since 1945, describes her work. Many members of the faculty and administration are mentioned and discussed.
Autobiographical data
Received bachelor's degree in 1934 from Texas Tech
Family discussed
     Father worked for Santa Fe railroad
Greatly influenced by Dr. Charles B. Qualia, Bonnie Dysart,
     Lonnie Langston
Dr. Qualia characterized
Dr. Eunice J. Gates and Dr. William B. Gates mentioned
Worked first on campus in Engineering Department under
     Dean Otto V. Adams in 1942
James H. Murdough noted
Early fear of Dr. R. C. Goodwin
Became Administrative Assistant under Dr. Goodwin, Dean of
     Arts and Sciences
Members of Texas Tech faculty mentioned
     Dr. Ernest Wallace, Dr. Cecil H. Pender, Dean W. L.
          Stangel, Haskell Taylor, Trent Root, Dean James M.
Dr. Goodwin's appointment as President of Texas Tech
     Mrs. Durham stayed in Arts and Sciences
Friendliness of Tech people noted
Campus in 1929 described
Dean Adams and Preston Smith worked together to pass
     constitutional amendment to divide state's permanent
     university fund
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO: Discussion of new buildings on campus
Past students recalled
     Moody and Wick Alexander, Ken Talkington, Dave
          Parks, Donny Anderson
Received first Sigma Delta Chi Award
     Dr. William Davis also received award
Recognized as Top Techsan by Ex-Students Association
Texas Tech presidents remembered
     Dr. Clifford B. Jones, Dr. William M. Whyburn, Dr.
          Dossie Wiggins, Dr. E. N. Jones
Dr. Ernst Giesecke mentioned
Dr. Goodwin as president
No noticeable changes during Dr. Grover Murray's term
Dr. William Pearce, president of Texas Wesleyan College
Dr. Goodwin since his retirement
Dr. J. William Davis mentioned
Dr. Sabe M. Kennedy, Dr. Lorrin Kennamer, and Dr. William
     Johnson mentioned in relation to Department of Arts and
Deans' Council discussed
Changing duties since 1945
W. T. Gaston noted
Seth T. Cummings, first purchaser, mentioned
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Dr. James C. Cross described
     Humorous stories about Science Building
Retirement plans
RANGE DATES: 1934-1940s
BULK DATES: 1934-1940s