Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Dingus, Mrs. William
DATE OF INTERVIEW: December 6, 1972
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 2 hours, 20 minutes
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: In the first tape, Mrs. William Dingus, former Texas Tech faculty member, discusses her background, education and teaching career in public schools and at Texas Tech. In the second tape, Mrs. Dingus discusses Dr. Paul Elliot and his work on the atomic bomb. She also characterizes the administrations of Drs. Jones and Whyburn. In the third tape, Mrs. Dingus discusses her work with the U.N., expresses her attitude toward war and women's rights, and relates details of her work with civic and religious organizations.
Family background reviewed
Recalls early teaching career
     Attitude toward military implied
Texas University campus remembered
Recollections of social restraints at the University of Texas
Dr. H. E. Bolton and Dr. Omar S. Barker characterized
Mentions other University personalities
Inter-collegiate teams with brooms arose out of athletic event
Other athletic events mentioned
German-Latin requirements dropped with
     anti-German sentiment after World War I
Ceremony of World War I and II contrasted
"Indignation meeting" called after German song was presented
     at a school program
Discussion of husband's character
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO: Retirement and return to teaching
Moved to Lubbock in 1925
Received job offer from Texas Tech in 1928
Did some summer study at Transylvania
O'Donnell telephone exchange recalled
Changes in Lubbock described
Discussion of work and promotion at Tech
Comments on Tech policy emphasizing "quantity" of students
     rather than "quality"
Depression conditions cited
Struggling against prejudice toward Latin
Former presidents characterized
     Recollection of conference with Dr. Bradford Knapp
Met physicist who had worked on the atomic bomb (Dr.
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Discussion of the international character of the development of
     the atomic bomb
Dr. Elliot's dismissal from Texas Tech noted
Further discussion of Dr. Paul Elliot
Dr. Clifford Jones characterized
     Confrontation with Jones recalled
Dr. William Whyburn mentioned
Anecdote involving a remark to Dr. Whyburn
TAPE THREE, SIDE ONE: Worked with the United Nations in 1951
Visit to New York described
UN Week celebrated in Lubbock--1951
Notes Charles Guy's opposition to the UN
Lubbock's UN organizational operations discussed
     Cuban missile crisis cited
     Recalls President Harry S. Truman's speaking
          engagements in Lubbock
Texas Tech faculty member Dr. Charles B. Qualia worked
     with Versailles Conference
TAPE THREE, SIDE TWO: Comments on League of Women's Voters and other organizations
Work with women's rights emphasized
Attitude toward AAUW expressed (American Association of
     University Women)
Discussion of procedures for grievances at Texas Tech
Dr. Lola Beth Green vs. Texas Tech court case mentioned
Expresses opinions concerning youth movement, women's
     liberation, consumer protection, and tax loopholes for the
Makes reference to a book concerning Latin
Interest in local history and politics stated
RANGE DATES: 1925-1972
BULK DATES: 1925-1951