Oral History Collection

MAIN ENTRY: Camp, Dr. Truman
INTERVIEWER: Jeff Townsend
LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 3 hours, 20 minutes
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: In the first tape, Dr. Truman Camp, former head of the English Department, discusses his work and experiences at Texas Tech from 1935 through the William Whyburn administration. In the second tape, he continues to discuss his work at Tech, especially development of the English department and its interaction with other departments and administration. Major controversies are examined also. In the third tape, Dr. Camp continues to expand his discussion on various aspects of Tech history. In the fourth tape, Dr. Camp discusses his work on the Library Committee and expresses his attitude toward teaching assistants and retirement.
Family background and early life reviewed
Educated at Yale and taught at University of Texas, 1922 to
First years at Tech recalled
Outstanding students named
Surveys living conditions and campus conditions
Arbor day and campus maintenance cited
Claims that plains environment was conducive to heart failure
Tech salaries and Lubbock theaters mentioned
Attitudes on John Granberry expressed
Recollections of new library building and Clifford Jones
TAPE ONE, SIDE TWO: Clifford Jones characterized
Refused leave of absence for World War II
Perception of Tech's attitude toward scholarship revealed
Character of Tech faculty studied
Description of William Curry Holden's museum
Notes character of Tech students
     Student dances discussed
Miss Mozelle Craddock recalled
Dr. William Whyburn's administration examined
Community support of Clifford Jones related
Discussion of Tech-community conflict
Named to be Chairman of English department
TAPE TWO, SIDE ONE: Discussion of acquisition of department head position
Lists post-war problems in administering English department
Technical-Humanities conflicts discussed
Tech machinery for handling foreign students and problems
     with foreign students reviewed
Levels criticism of textile engineering department
Institute of Americanism and J. Evetts Haley described
Speculation on political climate of Tech
Establishing a doctoral program in English remembered
Mentions interdisciplinary American studies program
TAPE TWO, SIDE TWO: Recollections concerning Tech name-change controversy
Explores Abernethy-Greenberg-Stensland controversy
Expression of attitudes toward the Lola Beth Green
     Machinery for promotions reviewed
Mention of marriage, international camping trips, publications,
     and Texas Conference of College Teachers of English
TAPE THREE, SIDE ONE: Names reasons for coming West
Contrasts Central and West Texas students
Tech dances reviewed
Comments on dorm administration and student behavior
Recollections on Tech administration and English staff
Controversy on the English/Business Administration building
Cites origin of English doctoral program
Grover Murray's administration characterized
Asserts influence of Governor Preston Smith
Discussion of American studies program
TAPE THREE, SIDE TWO: Expresses attitude toward new doctoral program
Comments on Tech athletics
Defense doctoral grants (FDEA) and doctoral programs
Mentions name-change controversy again
Speculation on Tech machinery for promotion
Problems of writing the Tech catalog explained
Served on Library Committee
TAPE FOUR, SIDE ONE: Discussion of Library Committee work (continued)
Teaching assistants program reviewed
Attitudes toward teaching English expressed
Mentions retirement as department head
Work with College Teachers of English recalled
RANGE DATES: 1922-1973
BULK DATES: 1922-1973